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Ghana’s president wants to make French a formal language, but it’s not a popular plan

Ghana was one of the first British colonies in sub-Saharan Africa to achieve independence in 1957 and as such has had strong ties to the English language as a modern country for over a hundred years. Most Ghanaians who’ve been through some level of formal education learn to speak English alongside their regional language. But since coming to office in 2017, Ghana’s president Nana Akufo-Addo has been pushing for Ghanaians to also learn French and one day make it the country’s official second language. To outsiders, the president might seem like an unlikely champion for Gallic influences; after all he is known for his unplaceable English accent; he descends from a Ghanaian political aristocracy with long ties to Britain and was partly educated in England from a young age.   But Akufo-Addo also speaks French fluently, learned when he lived in Paris in the 1970s, and is always happy to flaunt his language skills given the chance.  The president has announced plans to make French a compulsory subject for high school students and in a 2018 speech (given entirely in French), he told colleagues at La Francophonie Summit, “our goal is to live, one day, in a bilingual Ghana, that is English and French, together with our […]

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L’île de Gorée, des centaines (d’années) d’histoire(s).

Africa4 a rencontré à l’Université francophone Senghor d’Alexandrie le professeur Abdoulaye Camara, archéologue et préhistorien de l’IFAN de Dakar, et ancien conservateur du Musée historique de Gorée. Pour retrouver des conférences patrimoniales du Pr. Abdoulaye Camara, suivez le lien suivant de l’ICOM (comité international des Musées), section collections d’archéologie et d’histoire (ICMAH) Gorée, la route et la traite des esclaves (conférence de l’ICMAH, Marseille 2014) Delta du Saloum au Sénégal : paysage archéologique, traditions millénaires et stratégie de conservation (conférence de l’ICMAH, Milan 2016)

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