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“Why the holdup?”: a rewarding visit to Pretoria’s archives

In this post, post-graduate student at University of Portsmouth, Roel van der Velde, recounts his research visit of last July to Pretoria, where he visited the South African National Archives and Archives of the former South African Defence Force. As a first-time visitor of the country, Roel shares his experiences of daily life and work in Pretoria and takes a peek at political developments in South Africa. (more…)

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The British Senegalese Institute, Dakar

In this post, Rebecca Gatland and Victoria Hext, two graduates of the School of Languages and Area Studies at the University of Portsmouth, share their experiences of working as English language assistants at the British Senegalese Institute (BSI) in Dakar. The British Senegalese Institute welcomes students from all different backgrounds through its doors. It was opened by Queen Elizabeth II as one of the first British schools in Dakar. You can mention the BSI to almost anyone and they would have heard of it. The students, mostly young adults, are all English lovers, so keen that some of our students even ask for extra homework! Thanks to the School of Languages and Area Studies at the University of Portsmouth, we landed our first graduate jobs as British assistants at the BSI for 10 months, starting in the autumn of 2014. As payment for our work, we receive a basic salary and are also provided with accommodation very close to the BSI. Our role consists of teaching two classes of 2 hours twice a week, covering for other teachers, running the English Club every Wednesday, supervising in the Self Access area (where students can come to study independently, practice previous exams […]

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