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Beyond the post(-)colonial?/ Au-delà du post(-)colonial? : Workshop Report and Podcast (2/4)

Workshop Report and Podcast (2/4) Beyond the post(-)colonial?/ Au-delà du post(-)colonial? 12 September 2017 School of Languages and Area Studies, University of Portsmouth. Convenors: Professor Margaret Majumdar and Dr Ed Naylor. The first of three audio recordings of the workshop proceedings is available below . The podcast lasts around 90 minutes and covers opening remarks by Professor Tony Chafer and the first panel entitled: ‘The remaking of France? New histories of decolonisation’. Chair: Ed Naylor / Speakers: Fabienne Chamelot (Portsmouth), Sharif Gemie (South Wales), Andrew Smith (Chichester), Natalya Vince (Portsmouth)   The full programme and a presentation of the workshop can be found here.  

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Beyond the post(-)colonial?/ Au-delà du post(-)colonial? Workshop Report and Podcast (1/4)

Presentation: Beyond the post(-)colonial? More than fifty years have passed since decolonisation was achieved in most of the former colonies of the European colonial powers. During that time, a substantial body of critical work has been produced under the rubric of ‘postcolonial theory’, which has in turn been the subject of extensive debate and critique. The reception and influence of this postcolonial ‘turn’ has also varied widely between academic disciplines and between countries, with France often viewed as an outlier in comparison to developments in the United States and Britain. The current conjuncture of political and social upheaval seems an appropriate moment to take stock and to ask a series of questions. Does the postcolonial framework of analysis still provide a useful set of concepts for the understanding of the modern world? Or have the flaws in this theoretical corpus now definitively outweighed the insights it facilitated? Has history now moved on in different directions requiring radically new interpretative approaches (e.g. global, decolonial)? How will European colonial imperialism and its demise be viewed in a longer historical perspective? How do these questions impinge on the understanding, not just of the European past in its relations with the rest of the […]

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