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Jadaliyya LIVE EVENT – From the Front Lines: A Conversation on Women’s Rights in Morocco (12 March 2021)

Jadaliyya are hosting a special event on contemporary women’s rights, human rights, and press freedom in Morocco on 12 March at 4pm BST. The event, moderated by Jadaliyya co-editor Samia Errazzouki in both Arabic and English, features a panel of experts who approach the topic from a variety angles. It is designed to give an overall survey on the contemporary situation of the aforementioned topics as they relate to Morocco, providing insights into the country from the perspective of journalists, writers, lawyers, and activists who have challenged patriarchal state dynamics firsthand. Also among the speakers will be experts who work on a policy-level and have proposed recommendations which address the struggles featured in this event.  More information here

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Kitab Talk: “Hazine: A Guide to Researching the Middle East and Beyond” Feb 4, 2021 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Kitab Talk’s first event of 2021 will take place on 4 February and will feature a roundtable with the team behind Hazine, an online repository of resources which aims to facilitate research on the Middle East, North Africa and Islamicate societies. The event will focus on how contributors work towards supporting equitable access to research materials, and platforming underrepresented voices in academia and library and information science (LIS). The discussion and resources will be relevant for researchers working on North and West Africa and who are interested in moving away from French-language resources. More information and registration available here: Hazine was started by two Ottoman historians, to provide archives and library guides for researchers working on the Middle East, North Africa, and Islamicate societies. Since ‘relaunching’ in 2018 with Heather Hughes and N.A. Mansour as co-editors, Hazine has continued to provide the research community with archive reviews, but Hughes and Mansour have since reworked the website to be more broadly inclusive of cultural heritage workers and highlight their contributions to research, while also addressing the unique challenges to Islamic and Middle East Studies research. They hope to continue to build the site as an inclusive space where conversations can […]

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