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Benjamin Stora : l’engagement de l’homme, l’œuvre de l’historien, Conférence internationale, MUCEM (Marseille) 31 May 2018

Ce colloque international est organisé en l’honneur de l’historien Benjamin Stora. Éminent spécialiste de l’histoire coloniale et de l’immigration, il nous lègue un héritage d’envergure. Cette journée réunira, autour de l’œuvre de l’historien, ses pairs et ses élèves, ses compagnons de route et les acteurs des champs académique, culturel et militant qui travaillent sur les sociétés postcoloniales. Cet événement permettra de rappeler les apports historiographiques et les avancées sociétales obtenus grâce aux travaux pionniers de Benjamin Stora, mais aussi de tracer les perspectives de recherches qui en sont les héritières. Programme31mai2018-STORA Read more Originally published on MUCEM

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Algeria, France: How memory works?

University of Oxford   |   28–29 May 2018 European Studies Centre (St Antony’s College) & Maison Française d’Oxford PRESENTATION The workshop will shed new light on the individual and collective processes of the memorialisation of the Algerian War of Independence (1954–62), in contemporary Algeria and France. Building on the conference I convened last year with James McDougall and Natalya Vince (The Algerian War of Independence: Global and Local Histories), the workshop draws the attention to the aftermath of the war, and more specifically to the memories and the representations of the conflict and beyond, moving towards a wider comprehension of the Algerian-French (un)relation. Far from the authoritarian synthesis so often presented as the ‘collective memory’, the workshop aims to root memories in a precisely located framework and then looks at how they are worked through in individual and local life-histories and representations. Aiming to avoid the trap of the endless ‘memory wars’ that still infect Algerian and French public debate, the workshop shifts focus from what memory (and identity) is, to how it works. In so doing, particular attention is devoted to the local/global scales: this enables a detailed analysis of a multi-layered memory framework in contrast to the nation-state’s one-dimensional pattern, displaying the possible coexistence—not hierarchically […]

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