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CFP: Empire and globalisation(s). Circulations, exchanges and trans-imperial cooperation in Africa, 19th-20th centuries

University of Lausanne, 9-10 May 2019 Over the course of the last few years, the transnational and global turn in the social sciences has inspired a profound renewal of colonial and imperial history (Kreienbaum, Kamissek, 2016). A significant body of research has been investigating the dynamics of “imperial globalization” (Bandeira Jerónimo, 2016; Thomas, Thompson, 2014), as well as the vast array of “in-between” actors, spaces and institutions that have contributed to connecting countries and regions of the world (Barth, Cvetkovski, 2015). Following this decentered approach, the study of the imperial past can offer a “bridge” toward global history and provide original insights into the ideological, institutional and technological mechanisms of contemporary globalization (Akita, 2002). This workshop aims to further this debate by focusing more specifically on the history of the political, scientific and technical cooperation in European colonial empires in Africa during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It will shed light, on the one hand, on the wide range of collaborations that have been established between and beyond colonial administrations, in areas such as health, agriculture, labor, security, and education, as well as natural, human and social sciences. On the other hand, the workshop aspires to connect the history of imperialism […]

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Benjamin Stora : l’engagement de l’homme, l’œuvre de l’historien, Conférence internationale, MUCEM (Marseille) 31 May 2018

Ce colloque international est organisé en l’honneur de l’historien Benjamin Stora. Éminent spécialiste de l’histoire coloniale et de l’immigration, il nous lègue un héritage d’envergure. Cette journée réunira, autour de l’œuvre de l’historien, ses pairs et ses élèves, ses compagnons de route et les acteurs des champs académique, culturel et militant qui travaillent sur les sociétés postcoloniales. Cet événement permettra de rappeler les apports historiographiques et les avancées sociétales obtenus grâce aux travaux pionniers de Benjamin Stora, mais aussi de tracer les perspectives de recherches qui en sont les héritières. Programme31mai2018-STORA Read more Originally published on MUCEM

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