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Last chance to register for the ‘Progress, Change and Development’ Conference  

Progress, Change and Development: Past, Present and Future Thursday 4 – Saturday 6 June 2015, University of Portsmouth This three day interdisciplinary conference brings together some of the generation who were involved in attempts to bring about intellectual, social and political change in the 1960s and 1970s with historians and theorists currently studying these movements, as well as practitioners and activists working in the fields of progress and development today. Confirmed speakers include Samir Amin, Selma James, Jacques Sauvageot, Alice Cherki, Catherine Lévy and Beida Chikhi Register by Thursday 28 May 2015 via the University of Portsmouth Online Store: A full programme for the conference can be found below. For further information, please contact the conference organisers, Margaret Majumdar and Joanna Warson, via *** Thursday 4 June 2015 10.00 – 11.00: Registration and Coffee (Park Building LRC) 11.00 – 11.30: Opening and Introduction (Park 1.23) Ann Matear, Head of the School of Languages and Area Studies, University of Portsmouth Tony Chafer, Director of the Centre for European and International Studies Research, University of Portsmouth 11.30-13.00: Session 1 – Decolonisation, Progress and Development in Africa I (Park 1.23) Chair: Margaret Majumdar (Portsmouth) Selma James (Global Women’s Network) – Ujamaa: […]

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Documenting the Mediterranean Catastrophe: An interview with film-maker Jakob Preuss (Part 3)

Sunday 19th April brought the highest loss of life yet seen in the ongoing Mediterranean refugee crisis as an estimated 800 people drowned when the boat they were on capsized 60 miles off the Libyan coast. Prior to this latest disaster Ed Naylor spoke to documentary-maker Jakob Preuss about his recent experiences filming with migrants seeking to cross into Europe. In the final part of our three part series (see here for the first and second parts), Ed and Jakob discuss some of Jakob’s experiences filming on the northern side of the Mediterranean and how making ‘Europe’s Borderlands’ has shaped his view of the current migrant crisis. Have you managed to re-establish contact with any protagonists you first met on the southern shore and who successfully crossed into Europe? Yes, in fact this is the main narrative line of the film. Crudely speaking, it’s “Paul against the system”. We met Paul in Morocco, and now he is already in Bilbao where I shot last month. He wants to go to Germany so I may well meet him again where the film began– in my native city, Berlin. I also re-established contact with the original protagonist who crossed the fence at Melilla […]

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