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Dangerous shortcuts: Paris attacks and the Algerian War of Independence

The British media coverage of the 13 November attacks on Paris and its aftermath, and in particular the analyses of certain “experts”, has been problematic. In her analysis, Natalya Vince, historian of Algeria, points out the dangers of shortcutting historical facts in favour of easy and inaccurate connections, and notably the misuse of the Algerian war to understand contemporary France.   The right-wing media reaction to the horrific attacks of 13 November in Paris has been predictable. Muslim populations living in the West have been presented as an enemy within and the wave of Syrian refugees desperately seeking to enter Europe depicted as a cynical cover for the infiltration of Islamist terrorists. Such discourses will have devastating effects for Syrian refugees and Muslims living in Europe and North America. Subsequent declarations by more than half of the USA’s governors that Syrian refugees were not welcome in their states, the growing number of reports of acts of violence and hostility towards people who “look Muslim” and the vandalising of mosques clearly demonstrate this. However, as arguments go, conspiratorial claims about “Fifth columns” and “Trojan horses” are also very easy to dismiss. It is fairly obvious that they are based on crude […]

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STUDY HALF DAY: Slavery. Past and contemporary perspectives

STUDY HALF-DAY SLAVERY: past and contemporary perspectives Wednesday 25 November 2015 (1-5.30pm) University of Portsmouth, Park Building, room 3.03 Contact: All welcome   1-1.15                    Introduction – Natalya Vince (University of Portsmouth)   1.15-2.55             PANEL 1: Slavery and the continuity of slavery Panel chair: Kelsey Suggitt (University of Portsmouth) Rachael Pasierowska (Rice University, US/Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil): “Alligator wants to eat me, he doesn’t eat me, no!” Interpreting slave’s social lives through the Vassouras jongos. Jessica Moody (University of Portsmouth): Memories of slavery and emancipation in Liverpool: missionaries, ‘modern-day slavery’ and interwar black politics, 1933-1934 Q&A   2.55-3.15               Tea & coffee break   3.15-5.20               PANEL 2: Slavery and its memory Panel chair: Dieunedort Wandji (University of Portsmouth) Lee Sartain (University of Portsmouth): “A dose of feel good shame”: 12 Years a Slave & ‘race’ films during the Obama presidency Marie Rodet (SOAS, UL): Exploring freedom and emancipation through the genealogy of the category of “Slave descendant” in post-slavery Kayes (Mali) Screening of The Diambourou: Slavery and Emancipation in Kayes (dir. Marie Rodet, 2014) Short break Q&A   5.20-5.30               Conclusion

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