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Call for papers: From the School Door to the Classroom: School Life in the Arab and Muslim Worlds

Call for papers From the School Door to the Classroom: School Life in the Arab and Muslim Worlds Everyday life within schools in the Arab and Muslim worlds has been rarely documented as a research topic, as Chantal Verdeil stresses (2017). Existing studies often focus on education and schooling from the outside in a global perspective. Few researchers enter into these relatively inaccessible “black boxes”, though their everyday functioning and internal logics have a central role in the reproduction of a society whose future citizens they are in charge of educating (Durkheim 1922, Bernstein 2000[1996], Forquin 2008). Hence, they constitute a meaningful entry point to social analysis. A great number of historical, political and sociological works study school as a state apparatus of social control aimed at reinforcing the power of ruling elites and at ensuring their control over knowledge and qualified positions on the job market. They also analyse, in different national contexts, how legitimate knowledge transmission practices have developed, transformed and coexisted between precolonial forms of Islamic teaching and schooling forms imported by colonial powers and used as the model for the creation of national education systems after independence. Some focus on the role of Islamic education in […]

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News & Resources (1/07/02021)

News Macron announces the end of France’s anti-Islamist Operation Barkhane in the Sahel – France24 Macron: Barkhane mission ending, French presence to stay in Sahel – Al Jazeera Macron announces end of France’s anti-terror Operation Barkhane in Africa’s Sahel region – CNN Les États-Unis adressent un message de soutien fort à la France au Sahel – RFI Au Sahel, il faut replacer la protection des civils au cœur de la réponse à la crise – Mediapart Instability in the Sahel: how a jihadi gold rush is fuelling violence in Africa – Financial Times Terrorism Spreading ‘Unabated’ Across Africa, Warns US Commander – VOANews Le Niger, nouveau pivot de la France au Sahel – Le Temps Resources The PSC and Chad – policy implications of a historic decision – ISS Terrorism in Côte d’Ivoire is no longer just an external threat – ISS

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