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IJFS special issue: Progress, change and development: Francophone perspectives

The first issue of the year (19/1) of the International Journal of Francophone Studies, edited by Margaret Majumdar and Fabienne Chamelot, addresses Francophone perspectives on Progress, change and development. “While the perspectives underlying these texts are very different, what unites the subject matter is the underlying preoccupation with history as progress. While some accept the ideals of modernity, freedom and economic, social, political amelioration and focus their critique on the deficiencies of their implementation to date, others channel their work more to unpicking the unintended effects of historical change, challenging received wisdom to date and the analysing the cultural processes and products through which many of the ensuing contradictions are articulated.” Here is the table of content. More details here: http://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/journals/view-issue,id=3140/ Progress, change and development: Francophone perspectives Fabienne Chamelot And  Margaret A. Majumdar Tunisian internal autonomy and the transformation of the French colonial empire Ryo Ikeda Algérie: Libération nationale et construction de la nation Catherine Lévy L’Algérie: La postindépendance, l’effervescence cosmopolite et la littérature Authors:  Beïda Chikhi Transformations institutionnelles et développement économique dans la zone franc en Afrique de l’Ouest (1960–1990) Authors:  Vincent Duchaussoy Reading between the lines: Identity issues in Kanak narratives and the agency of the storyteller Authors:  Catherine O’Connell […]

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Post WWII “Dutch colonial war”. An aspect Dutch colonisation in Indonesia often avoided by academics.

“Dutch colonial war”. Originally published on Inside Indonesia website at http://www.insideindonesia.org/rengat-1949-part-1 , this two-part piece examines Dutch ‘Policing Actions’, and discusses how academics and historians have consistently avoided the subject of maltreatment and murder of the Indonesian population during the final years of Dutch colonial presence in Indonesia.  Click here for part 2.   Rengat, 1949 (Part 1) Written by Anne-Lot Hoek The band, trumpets and drums sound from afar as I walk towards the memorial service in the centre of Rengat, a small provincial town in central Sumatra. All kinds of people are lined up in front of a monument next to the wide, brown Indragiri River: officials dressed in ceremonial or military uniform, police officers, school children, teachers and veterans. The ceremony for the Rengat Event (Peristiwa Rengat) begins with several speeches about Agresi Militer Belanda, one of the major Dutch military offensives against the Republic of Indonesia during the Indonesian Revolution. The district head places a garland at the monument. After the service the whole crowd moves to the riverfront to spread flowers in the water. They allow me, a Dutch person, to do so as well. Seventy-one years ago, right after the Second World War, the nationalist Sukarno proclaimed Indonesian independence on 17 […]

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