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Past and present, colony and metropolis. By Jim House.

Dr James (Jim) House is a Senior Lecturer in French at Leeds University. With co-author Neil MacMaster (UEA, Norwich) he has published Paris 1961: Algerians, State Terror, and Memory (Oxford University Press, 2006). This book also received a French translation in 2008 (Tallandier publishers). Our thanks goes to Professor Margaret Majumdar for her help. Past and present, colony and metropolis. Recent months in France have seen a number of prominent and disturbing cases of alleged police violence against racialized minorities. In circumstances such as these, historians are often asked by journalists and civil society groups to assess how and to what extent the colonial past influences the present, notably here with regard to postcolonial minorities, policing, socio-ethnic segregation, and racism. In discussing these themes, my article will argue that we often need to be cautious when claims are made for a strong similarity (if not identical situation) between past and present, an assumption that seems often to inform many of the questions I receive. It is precisely the historian’s role to examine the ‘space’ that exists between what may indeed be similar yet which is not identical between past and present. Rather like with debates on the usefulness or not of the […]

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CFA: Institut Français d’Afrique du Sud (IFAS-Research) – Funding 2017

The French Institute of South Africa-Research (IFAS-Research, CNRS/French Ministry of Foreign Affairs) has a regional mandate covering eleven countries in Southern Africa (South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia). Within the framework of its research programming, IFAS-Research finances research projects to be carried out in 2017 in the Human and Social Sciences dealing with this area (fieldwork, events or publications).  Nationality will not be a condition for application, although the existence or prospect of a long-lasting partnership between France and Southern Africa is essential. Financial contribution from another institution is highly desirable. All applications will be taken into consideration. However priority will be given to applicants whose research is in line with the main research programs of the Institute: Archaeology and Prehistory  Medieval, Early Modern and Contemporary History of Southern African Societies Contemporary Dynamics: Urbans Studies, Democratic and Economic Transformations A specific interest will be shown to transregional projects, projects that challenge epistemological borders and proposals dealing with Lusophone Africa. Nevertheless scientific excellence will remain the main criteria of selection. Deadline: December 1st 2016. For more information and forms, visit: http://www.ifas.org.za/research/entry/163/call-for-funding-2017 ———— L’Institut Français d’Afrique du Sud-Recherche (CNRS/MAEDI UMIFRE 25, USR […]

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