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African Feminisms: Claire Griffiths’ paper on the Gendering of Empires

With thanks to Dr Margaret Majumdar for making this information available. The final paper in the Finding Africa series 2017, on the theme of African feminisms, was presented this month at the University of Leeds by Claire Griffiths of the University of Chester. Her paper ‘Postcolonial Afterlives and the Gendering of Empires: a Franco-African Experience’ focused on the intersection of gender and social justice in those areas of Africa that came under French colonial occupation. Following a rapid overview of the history of exogenous (Western/French) politico-legal structures introduced into the African colonies, the paper proposed that as such structures increasingly framed all aspects of the governance and ‘development’ of the colonies so they embedded discriminatory practices into public life. It went on to question the degree to which these structures and practices have been addressed and dismantled in the postcolonial era, noting the very recent development in the 21 st century of gender studies as an acknowledged field of academic enquiry in the Francophone African academy, and concluding with recent UN data on education and literacy levels across the West Africa region. Disaggregated for gender, these data flag up female gender as the most significant factor of discrimination in relation to […]

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#BeyondTalkingBack: Anti-racism reconsidered from the Postcolony

Many observers, in different places in the industrialised West, are reporting on mounting overt political consolidations of racism and xenophobia, as well as often narrowing and hardening public debates. In such context, for anti-racist scholars and activists alike, finding and creating spaces to go beyond the re-active and the merely talking back. Inspired by the conversations during a workshop and public conference titled Race after the Postracial organised by Françoise Vergès and Theo David Goldberg in Paris in December 2016, the following blog posts collect thoughts and works from scholars that locate their anti-racist work firmly in the postcolonial. The aim is to share insights and frameworks of anti-racist thought that go beyond merely talking back. They are entry points to keep the conversation going differently. Click here for the first in a series of four interviews this week by Olivia Rutazibwa: Françoise Vergès, political scientist, feminist, and author of the book ‘“Le ventre des femmes. Capitalisme, racialisation, féminisme” (Éditions Albin Michel, 2017).

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