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The English in 17th-Century Tangier, Ottoman History Podcast: Episode 388

The English in 17th-Century Tangier Download the podcast Feed | iTunes | GooglePlay | SoundCloud Tangier is in the midst of a massive renovation and expansion — a new ferry and cruise port, a duty-free zone, and the massive Tangier Med shipping facility all meant to make the city and Morocco into a critical juncture of the global flows of goods, people, services, and capital. Of course, Tangier’s proximity to Europe and position astride the Strait of Gibraltar has long provided it with a cosmopolitan, international character, typified by the International Zone days during European colonial rule of Morocco in the first half of the twentieth century. But Tangier’s polyglot, imperial past goes back much further. In this episode, we turn to one of those more distant episodes: the English occupation of Tangier from 1661 to 1684. It was a brief interlude: control of the city itself was part of Catherine of Braganza’s dowry to King Charles II, but English forces quickly found the situation (under intermittent but heavy resistance from local Moroccan tribes) unsustainable. The period produced some interesting characters on both sides–Samuel Pepys, for one, was a resident–but has generally been overlooked by scholars in favor of the Portuguese imperial enclaves on the Atlantic […]

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Benjamin Stora : l’engagement de l’homme, l’œuvre de l’historien, Conférence internationale, MUCEM (Marseille) 31 May 2018

Ce colloque international est organisé en l’honneur de l’historien Benjamin Stora. Éminent spécialiste de l’histoire coloniale et de l’immigration, il nous lègue un héritage d’envergure. Cette journée réunira, autour de l’œuvre de l’historien, ses pairs et ses élèves, ses compagnons de route et les acteurs des champs académique, culturel et militant qui travaillent sur les sociétés postcoloniales. Cet événement permettra de rappeler les apports historiographiques et les avancées sociétales obtenus grâce aux travaux pionniers de Benjamin Stora, mais aussi de tracer les perspectives de recherches qui en sont les héritières. Programme31mai2018-STORA Read more Originally published on MUCEM

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