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Mikser: Situation in Mali affects security in all of Europe

Mali is a key nation in Africa, and the situation there affects security in all of Europe, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sven Mikser (SDE) said following the Estonian government’s approval on Thursday of a status of forces agreement with Mali. “The situation in Africa and specifically in Mali as one of the key nations of that continent affects the security of all of Europe,” Mikser said, referring primarily to the spread of terrorism and illegal trade. “It is of utmost importance currently to focus on ensuring people’s security and fighting extremist groups in Mali, otherwise no progress will be made in implementing the peace agreement and reconstruction. Estonia is ready to increase its contributions to this effort.” According to the minister, Estonia’s participation in the anti-terrorist Operation Barkhane is also a sign of close defence-related cooperation with France. Read more Originally published on ERR

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Présidentielle au Mali

Mali: Three Predictions About Mali’s 2018 Presidential Election It is hard to see how anything good, or different, will come from Mali’s election on 29 July. News from Mali just keeps getting worse. More than five years after French soldiers ousted jihadi fighters from northern Mali and nominally restored central government sovereignty there, the country has grown ever more unsafe and fractious. The peace accord, signed amid great fanfare in 2015, has yet to be meaningfully implemented. A tally of incidents since 2015, recorded by Malilink, shows an alarming rise in violent acts and deaths by national and foreign militaries, jihadi groups, secular militias and criminals. Most disturbing are recent ethnically-motivated killings carried out by Malian troops and “self-defence militias” in the Mopti region, which is at growing risk of “mass atrocities” according to the US Holocaust Memorial’s early warning project. In light of these unprecedented threats to Mali’s security and integrity, the stakes would appear to be high for the country’s presidential election, the first round of which is scheduled for 29 July.  Read more Présidentielle au Mali : le suffrage perturbé dans 20% des bureaux de vote Si les autorités maliennes se félicitent de la « bonne tenue » […]

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