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Being Human Festival in Portsmouth. Port city: narratives of migration

Series summary Portsmouth tends to be associated with the history of the Navy, and there is a mistaken perception that it is a monocultural city. With its lectures, walk, workshop, exhibition and readings on migration, ‘Port city: narratives of migration’ aims to dispel this notion. Drinking tea to escape the noise of the world | Friday 13 November The event starts with a presentation of the ‘Tea Project’ exhibition exploring aspects of the personal, political and collective histories related to the tea trade and migration. This will be followed by a talk on tea trade and migration by Portsmouth’s own local tea merchant. Portsmouth sailortown walk | Saturday 14 November This walk will explore the unique culture and representation of three sailortowns of Portsmouth that evolved between the 18th and early 20th centuries. Engaging with the past: migration memories | Tuesday 17 November A special guest lecture by Eithne Nightingale (Queen Mary University London) on her research into ‘migration museums’ in port towns, followed by a reading and discussion group on the theme of ‘migration museums’. Reviving the Crescent: Portsmouth connects with Asia | Wednesday 18 November Presenting a very different narrative, creative and cultural industries lecturer Tom Sykes will discuss Portsmouth’s role as […]

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