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Update & Resources on West Africa

Niger: American hostage rescued by US special forces An American hostage kidnapped in Niger has been freed in a raid by US special forces. Philip Walton was abudcted from a village close to the border with Nigeria by men armed with AK47s on motorbikes. BBC reports that with jihadist and criminal groups known to operate in the Sahel area, at least six hostages are thought to be held captive. Turning the Authoritarian Tide: Strategies For Transforming Securitisation Watch a global debate by the Security Policy Alternatives Network (SPAN) & the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftun, on current trends in peace, security and human rights and prospects for adopting security policy alternatives. Video Recording English/French translation needed? Click here Besoin d’une traduction anglais/français? Cliquez ici The African Soldiers of the First World War RUSI online conversation with the Rt. Hon. David Lammy MP and Professor Michèle Barrett on the forgotten African soldiers who fought for Britain in the First World War. Date: 11 November 2020 Time: 1600 GMT Register here  

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The struggle against violent jihad: An alternative approach to bringing peace to the Sahel?

In a recent article, Reuters documents regional peacekeeping comittees’ efforts to maintain stability in Amataltal, Niger. “In the Tillaberi region, a lack of local leadership, peace mechanisms or strong ties with Niamey have allowed ethnic rivalries to fester and attacks to continue, security experts said. Jihadist groups have won recruits among disaffected locals who believe the state has abandoned them.” With French troops struggling to contain violence elsewhere, and the US contemplating a drawdown of forces, local leaders offer a possible blueprint for defeating militants without weapons: a network of influential ex-rebels, clerics and peace committees that has stopped jihadists gaining a foothold by monitoring grievances and people with extreme ideas. Read more on Reuters  

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