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Beyond the post(-)colonial?/ Au-delà du post(-)colonial? : Workshop Report and Podcast (2/4)

Workshop Report and Podcast (2/4) Beyond the post(-)colonial?/ Au-delà du post(-)colonial? 12 September 2017 School of Languages and Area Studies, University of Portsmouth. Convenors: Professor Margaret Majumdar and Dr Ed Naylor. The first of three audio recordings of the workshop proceedings is available below . The podcast lasts around 90 minutes and covers opening remarks by Professor Tony Chafer and the first panel entitled: ‘The remaking of France? New histories of decolonisation’. Chair: Ed Naylor / Speakers: Fabienne Chamelot (Portsmouth), Sharif Gemie (South Wales), Andrew Smith (Chichester), Natalya Vince (Portsmouth)   The full programme and a presentation of the workshop can be found here.  

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CFP: ‘Negotiating Borders in the Francophone World’ (University of Birmingham, Friday 1st June 2018)

Society for Francophone Postcolonial Studies Postgraduate Study Day ‘Negotiating Borders in the Francophone World’ University of Birmingham Friday 1st June 2018 Keynote Speakers Prof. Charles Forsdick (University of Liverpool) Dr. Charlotte Hammond (Cardiff University) Professional Development Workshop: Prof. Kate Marsh (University of Liverpool)   Call for Papers Borders come in many different forms, both visible and otherwise. Whereas hard borders demarcate specific geographical territories and are inscribed in law, soft borders can be thought of as the constructed socio-cultural barriers that stand between ‘us’ and ‘them’. Talk of borders in both senses dominates the international news agenda, perhaps now more so than ever. Traditionally concerned with geo-political rivalries and colonial expansion, today such discourse is shaped by two competing phenomena: the breaking down of borders brought on by globalisation, on the one hand, and their restoration driven by processes of securitisation in response to mass migration and the perceived threat posed by global terrorism, on the other. Over the course of the Study Day, we will explore the many borders that currently criss-cross and structure the postcolonial francophone world, as well as those which have done so historically. Intended to showcase work undertaken by postgraduate students, we invite participants to […]

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