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Human rights abuses As G5 heads of state gather in N’Djamena, Human Rights Watch calls for action on human rights abuses by G5 forces. Read more on hrw.org – Sahel: End Abuses in Counterterrorism Operations | Human Rights Watch  Twenty UN Peacekeepers wounded in Mali Read more on reuters.com – Twenty U.N. peacekeepers wounded in central Mali attack Climate risks in Tunisia Hanne Knaepen’s research paper explores the socio-economic, political and governance challenges to Tunisia’s capacity to adapt to climate risks in the agri-food system. Read more on cascades.eu – Climate risks in Tunisia: Challenges to adaptation in the agri-food system Elections in Niger Akouvi Gloria Nella Vossah discusses the second round of presidential election in Niger. Read more on wathi.org – Niger : le second tour de l’élection présidentielle opposera l’ancien président Ousmane et l’ancien ministre Bazoum

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Overcoming Area Studies’ Policy-Relevant Research Problem: The Case of the Sahel

Abstract Despite seven years of external military interventions to counter violent extremism, the security situation in the Sahel continues to deteriorate. Hard military approaches predominate in the region despite widespread recognition amongst Sahel specialists that the militarisation of the Sahel may actually be getting in the way of the search for a long-term political solution. This raises a number of questions that are important for Area Studies specialists: what type of information is brought into policymaking? Who produces it? How is it processed and what influence does it have? How does, or should, Area Studies fit within that? This research note argues that analysis undertaken by area specialists is indispensable in order to understand the complex nature of the various interlocking armed conflicts in the western Sahel. It suggests however that the type of thick description that characterises much area studies analysis can sometimes be too dense and too specific to be of immediate use to policymakers. Drawing on insights from Comparative Area Studies (intra-regional and crossregional comparison in particular), it explores how Area Studies could contribute more effectively to policy relevant research on the Sahel. Chafer, T., Stoddard, E. and Toltica, S., 2020. Overcoming Area Studies’ Policy-Relevant Research Problem: […]

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