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India Africa Forum, New Delhi 26-30 October

The third summit of the India Africa Forum took place in New Delhi (26-30 October 2015) and involved all 54 African countries, with 41 heads of state or government present, representing a huge increase from the initial meeting of the Forum in New Delhi in 2008, attended by representatives of 14 African countries, chosen by the African Union. Seen by some as representing a major push by India to challenge the dominance of China in Africa, India is today announcing $10 billion of soft loans and $600 million of grants for projects in Africa. (See http://www.thestatesman.com/news/business/india-announces-10-bn-soft-loan–600-m-grant-to-africa/100086.html ). It is an ambitious undertaking aimed at increasing commercial trade between India and Africa, but also at building up support for international political cooperation, most notably reform of the UN to reflect the changing balance of power in the world. For further details and a debate on this attempt to rebalance the relationship with Africa, see also http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/insidestory/2015/10/india-challenge-china-dominance-africa-151028195608246.html . Posted by Margaret Majumdar

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