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Francophone Africa Update

Sahel Pentagon chief tells French counterpart U.S. supports Sahel mission – Read more on Reuters Sahel : après Barkhane, qui sera en première ligne face aux jihadistes ? – Marie Toulemonde / Read more on Jeune Afrique De l’Afghanistan au Sahel, le temps du repli pour l’Occident – Read more on Liberation.fr Mapping the contours of Jihadist groups in the Sahel – Folahanmi Aina / Read more on The Conversation What’s behind the rising violence in western Niger? – Read more on The New Humanitarian Mali elections could be postponed, prime minister tells AFP – Read more on RFI.fr Saving Momentum for Change in Mali’s Transition – Read more on The International Crisis Group

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North-Africa Roundup

The 4th Congrès des études sur le Moyen-Orient et les Mondes Musulmans will be taking place online 28 June – 2 July, with panels including Islam and activism in North-West Africa, post-2011 sociopolitical upheavals through a gender lens, and language education and identities in Morocco and Algeria. Registration is free. More info here. The Funambulist have made their back issues available, including two articles on the inter-related history of Algeria and Palestine. Building on her exhibition Discrete Violence: Architecture the French War in Algeria, Samia Henni discusses landscapes of colonial violence in Palestine and Algeria with Mostafa Minawi. In the second article, Lina Soualem relates how her encounter with Yannis Arab’s research on Palestine’s Algerians / Algeria’s Palestinians stroke a personal chord. Yannis Arab’s talk is available here. The Arab Uprisings Project is a continually updated website with new resources, and event recordings made available monthly. This is a fantastic resources if you’re teaching or researching North Africa, or political engagement more widely. Similarly, Jadaliyya‘s list of essential readings on uprisings, popular protests, and resistance, although focused on the MENA, will also be relevant for thinking about politics south of the Sahara. Maghreb Maghrek‘s latest issue focuses on the Hirak and “street politics” in […]

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