Mali, the G5 and Security Sector Assistance: Political Obstacles to Effective Cooperation

While the security situation in Mali and its border areas continues to deteriorate, the new “Force Conjointe” (FC) of the G5 Sahel states completed its first military operation in mid-November. Its aim is to make a regional contribution to the fight against terrorism and organised crime. A summit was held in Paris on 13 December to mobilise further financial and equipment support for FC. Germany and the EU are strongly committed to this project alongside France. However, efforts to enhance regional armed forces are fraught with problems. International partners prefer a capacity-building approach geared to short-term success over security sector reform and lack a coordinated strategy. The Malian government, on the other hand, preserves the status quo and is not prepared to accept its political responsibility.

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Article originally published on German Institute for International and Security Affairs

Quand Paris était le «hub» des ventes d’armes au régime sud-africain d’apartheid

Dans un livre d’enquête fondé sur des archives sud-africaines, Hennie Van Vuuren remet en cause plusieurs lieux communs sur l’isolement de l’Afrique du Sud sous l’apartheid, mais il dévoile aussi le rôle considérable joué par la France dans le trafic d’armes avec Pretoria, pendant que Giscard, Mitterrand et Chirac fermaient les yeux.

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Article originally published on Mediapart