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Beyond Françafrique: France outside of its traditional sphere of African influence (19th-21st centuries)

University of Portsmouth, 22 February 2017  Convenors: Dr Anna Konieczna (Paris-Est Creteil), Prof. Tony Chafer (University of Portsmouth) PROGRAMME  1.00     Welcome   Panel I. Outside of the French Empire 1.15-2.45  Discussant: Ed Naylor (University of Portsmouth)  Jakob ZOLLMANN (Dr, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung) Witnesses to Competition or Participant Observers? French Missionaries in the Colonial Border Area of Angola and German Southwest Africa, ca. 1880 to 1919 Thomas Sharp (Oxford Brookes), A Trans-Imperial Decolonization: France and Francophone Africans in British West Africa, 1952-1964  Alexandra Reza (University of Oxford), Présence Africaine and the struggle against colonialism in the Portuguese African colonies, 1953-1968  COFFEE BREAK 2.45-3.00   Panel II. Levers of influence 3.00-4.30  Discussant: Adrew Smith (UCL, London) Roel VAN DER VELDE (Univeristy of Portsmouth) Procedures and practices of French arms trade to South Africa, 1955-1965  Melissa K BYRNES (Associate Professor, Southwestern University) Passing the Torch on the Civilizing Mission: French Hopes for the Portuguese Empire in the 1960s –  Frank Gerits (University of Amsterdam), French Cultural Diplomacy in the Ideological Scramble for Africa (1953-1963)  COFFEE BREAK 4.30-4.45   Panel III. Enlarging the pré carré 4.45-6.15  Discussant: Prof. Tony Chafer  Anna KONIECZNA (Paris-Est Creteil), French foreign policy in the non-French speaking Africa under […]

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The French military in Africa: successes, challenges ahead?

While French president Hollande claims that his French policy in Africa represents a change from that of his predecessor Sarkozy, France is still engaged in two military operations in Africa which both started prior to his presidency, in 2013. Does this apparent contradiction reflect a political will on his part or is it the result of other processes? Tony Chafer is Professor of Contemporary French Area Studies and Director of the Centre for European and International Studies Research at the University of Portsmouth. His main research interests lie in French African policy in the colonial and post-colonial periods, French military and security policy in Africa and EU security policy in Africa. He is a Research Associate of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies and acts as a consultant to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office on French African policy.   France has since January 2013 been engaged in two major new military operations in the Sahel/Sahara, but major problems persist. Operation Serval, the 2013 combined French-Chadian military intervention in Mali, was widely regarded as a military success. On 1 August 2014, Serval came to an end and was replaced by a new, regional Sahel-Sahara military mission, Operation Barkhane, undertaken in partnership with the so-called ‘G5 […]

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