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31 January 2018: African scholarship and its contribution to knowledge. The event was an opportunity for participants to reflect on the conditions in which African scholarship and leadership have emerged and discuss the complex trajectories and legacies of these figures.

Conference held at University of Portsmouth. Convenors: Dr. Ed Naylor (University of Portsmouth)



22 February 2017:  Beyond Françafrique: France outside of its traditional sphere of African influence (19th-20st centuries).

Conference held at University of Portsmouth. Convenors: Dr. Anna Konieczna (Université Paris-Est Créteil), Prof. Tony Chafer (University of Portsmouth)     



5 January 2016: Exploring post-colonial relationships: Britain’s continuing connections with independent Kenya, CEISR seminar

by Dr Poppy Cullen (University of Cambridge)

23 February 2016: The legitimation trap: The OAU/AU between citizens and survival, CEISR seminar.

by Ms Antonia Witt (University of Bremen)

2 March 2016: Re-imagining ends of empire, study half day

With Mark Thurner (University of London), Benoît Trépied (IRIS, CNRS), Ismay Milford (European University Institute, Florence), Megan Brown (The Graduate Center, City University of New York), Meike de Goede (Leiden University), Charlotte Riley (University of Southampton).



10 February 2015: Dr. Simon Jackson (Birmingham,, “Drivers of History: Fords and Fordism between Beirut and Detroit, 1918-1939“, CEISR Research seminar.

11 February 2015: Dr Ibrahima Diallo (University of South Australia), “Francophonie in sub-Saharan Africa: an old wine in a new bottle?”

18 February 2015: “Crossing boundaries in the study of France and Africa” study half day.

With Vincent Duchaussoy (Rouen), Dr. Ed Naylor (Portsmouth), Romain Tiquet (Humboldt), Dr. Andrew W. M. Smith (UCL) and Roel Van der Velde (Portsmouth).

A full report on the study day can be found here.

11 March 2015: “The power of language in post-colonial Africa” study half day.

With Dr. Margaret Clarke (Portsmouth), Brenda Garvey (Chester), Prof. Tope Omoniyi (Roehampton) and Prof. Felwine Sarr (Université Gaston-Berger, Saint-Louis, Senegal).

A full report on the study day can be found here.

4-6 June 2015: “Progress, change and development: past, present and future”. An international conference in the Centre for European and International Studies Research at the University of Portsmouth.


6 October 2015: rountable event around Emile Chabal’s book ‘A Divided Republic: Nation, State and Citizenship in Contemporary France’, CEISR seminar.

With Dr Emile Chabal (Chancellor’s Fellow in History, University of Edinburgh), Prof David Hanley, Dr Natalya Vince and Emmanuel Godin (University of Portsmouth).

25 November 2015: Slavery: past and contemporary perspectives study half day

With Rachael Pasierowska (Rice University, US/Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil), Jessica Moody (University of Portsmouth), Lee Sartain (University of Portsmouth), Marie Rodet (SOAS, UL).

Screening of The Diambourou: Slavery and Emancipation in Kayes (dir. Marie Rodet, 2014)



19 February 2014: “The language of political rights” study half day.

6 May 2014: “Franco-African relations beyond the Francophone fold: France, British West Africa and the creation of independent Nigeria and Ghana”, Dr. Joanna Warson. CEISR research seminar

20 October – 26 November 2014: A story of revolutions. An exhibition by Patrick Altès (Leverhulme artist-in-residence in the School of Language and Area Studies, 2012-13).

11 November 2014: Dr. Anna Konieczna (Sciences Po), ‘The history of an uneasy relationship: France and South Africa’. CEISR Research Seminar

14 November 2014: ‘Meet the Artist’ event with Patrick Altès (Leverhulme artist-in-residence in the School of Language and Area Studies, 2012-13).

This exhibition is included in a series of events organised by the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Portsmouth as part of the Being Human festival, the UK’s first national festival of the humanities (15-23 November 2014):

13-14 November 2014: Connected histories of decolonisation workshop (jointly organised with the Institute of Commonwealth Studies and Kings College London), Senate House, London.

Programme. A full report on the workshop can be found here.


1 October 2013: “European Capital of Culture 2013: Anniversaries and Actualités in Marseille”, Dr. Ed Naylor, CEISR research seminar

27 November 2013: “Colonial and post-colonial mind-sets in policy and decision-making” study half day.

A report on this event can be found here

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