CEISR SEMINAR: Me And ‘Other’ Women: Intersubjectivity In Cross Cultural Feminist Research

Location : University of Portsmouth, Dennis Sciama Building, room 2.14

Date : 27 September 2016,  5- 6.30pm

by Charlotte Sefton, University of Exeter

Charlotte Sefton is currently conducting fieldwork with Sudanese women in her hometown of Portsmouth. After coming from an undergraduate background in Arabic and French language, Charlotte moved into Middle East Studies for her MA and MRes with a particular focus on Gender Studies.

With the Sudanese community in Portsmouth, Charlotte’s research focuses on the role of gender in diasporic experience, with a particular interest in ritual practice. From a wider research-philosophy perspective, Charlotte is most concerned with interrogating the (in)ability of mainstream feminist theory (being western and academic) to apply to non-western ‘other’ women and with encouraging the need for intersectional understandings of the complexity of women’s lives and experiences.