Webinar- Blue Criminology: Rethinking crime at sea 25/11/2020 1PM GMT

The Centre for Blue Governance warmly invites you to a webinar by Christian Bueger, University of Copenhagen, and Tim Edmunds, University of Bristol, titled:

“Blue Criminology: Rethinking crime at sea”

1.00 – 2.00pm (+0 GMT) 25th November 2020
Online webinar

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The resurgent interest in the oceans as part of the maritime security, blue economy and marine conservation agenda, has brought the harm caused by different crimes at sea to the forefront of the international agenda.

Modern piracy and its impact on international transport, regional ocean economies and the seafaring profession, as well as the ways that illegal fishing undermines sustainable resource management and conservation efforts stand paradigmatically for this new attention.

The new attention to crime at sea, has so far, however, not led to an integrated agenda. Crimes are interpreted in isolation from each other and there is a lack of understanding of the oceans as one integrated space in need of protection from those harms.

In this talk, Christian and Tim will:

  • introduce the agenda of blue criminology as a way to respond to this ocean challenge.
  • Show how the concept of blue crime provides a way of how to rethink the linkages between different manifestations of crime at sea.
  • sketch the contours of blue criminology and how it provides new insights for the practical challenges of protecting the oceans

Please email the Sui Phang with any questions (sui.phang@port.ac.uk)

About Christian Bueger:

Christian Bueger is Professor of International Relations, University of Copenhagen, with a research focus on global governance and international organisation, the oceans and maritime security, international relations theory as well as sociology of expertise.

About Tim Edmunds:

Tim Edmunds is Professor of International Security and Director of the Global Insecurities Centre at the University of Bristol. His research addresses issues of security sector reform and capacity building, with a recent focus on the maritime environment.

About the Centre:

The transdisciplinary Centre for Blue Governance, University of Portsmouth, works towards a vision of healthy and well-governed aquatic systems for the planet’s future.

For more information about the Centre, please visit our website.

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