Short series of Screenings/Events to mark the 50th anniversary of 1966 Dakar Festival


As part of Black History Month, Professor David Murphy (University of Stirling) will be organising a short series of events/screenings, over the next few weeks, marking the 50th anniversary of the First World Festival of Negro Arts, held in Dakar in 1966.

On 14 October, ‘Dakar 66: Fifty Years on’, at the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool, will feature 2 documentary films on the festival, accompanied by a panel discussion featuring David Murphy (Stirling), Ruth Bush (Bristol) and Alan Rice (UCLAN):

On 28 October, a symposium, ‘Havana-Dakar 1966: Capitals of an artistic and political revolution’, will be held at the University of Edinburgh. It will feature screenings of two documentary films on the 1966 festival:

Finally, on 30 October, the Africa in Motion Film Festival will screen documentaries on the ‘Za├»re 74’ Festival (held in conjunction with the famous ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ fight between Ali and Foreman) and the 1966 festival:

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