Study half-day: African Political Thought and Action Prominent Figures

Study half-day

African Political Thought and Action

Prominent Figures

University of Portsmouth, School of Languages and Area Studies

Wednesday 31st January 2018, 1-5pm

Park Building, Lecture Theatre 3.23

All welcome

1pm Welcome and introduction (Tony Chafer, Portsmouth)

1.15pm Panel 1: Memory and Identity

Chair: Fabienne Chamelot (Portsmouth)

Andrew Smith (Chichester): Keita Fodeba

Dieunedort Wandji (Portsmouth): Mobutu Sese Seko

Jeremy Allouche (Sussex): Ivoirité

Short Q&A

2.30pm Break

2.35pm Panel 2: Resistance and decolonisation

Chair: Ed Naylor (Portsmouth)

Olivia Rutazibwa (Portsmouth): Thomas Sankara

Margaret Majumdar (Portsmouth): Frantz Fanon

Natalya Vince (Portsmouth): Fatma N’Soumer

Short Q&A

3.45pm Tea and coffee break

3.55pm Round Table Discussion (All Panellists)

Chair: Camille Jacob (Portsmouth)

4.55pm Closing remarks (Dieunedort Wandji, Portsmouth)


African Figures Programme

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