Beyond the post(-)colonial?/ Au-delà du post(-)colonial? : Workshop Report and Podcast (2/4)

Workshop Report and Podcast (2/4)

Beyond the post(-)colonial?/ Au-delà du post(-)colonial?

12 September 2017

School of Languages and Area Studies, University of Portsmouth.

Convenors: Professor Margaret Majumdar and Dr Ed Naylor.

The first of three audio recordings of the workshop proceedings is available below . The podcast lasts around 90 minutes and covers opening remarks by Professor Tony Chafer and the first panel entitled: ‘The remaking of France? New histories of decolonisation’.

Chair: Ed Naylor / Speakers: Fabienne Chamelot (Portsmouth), Sharif Gemie (South Wales), Andrew Smith (Chichester), Natalya Vince (Portsmouth)


The full programme and a presentation of the workshop can be found here.


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