Mali: IBK quits after soldiers mutiny

Mali’s President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta has resigned, after being detained by soldiers on Tuesday. Despite winning a second term in the 2018 elections, corruption, mismanagement of the economy, disputes over legislative elections and continuing conflict with jihadists have prompted large protests and anger.

Air force deputy chief of staff Col-Major Ismaël Wagué said: “Civil society and political social movements are invited to join us to create together the best conditions for a civil political transition leading to credible general elections for the exercise of democracy through a roadmap that will lay the foundations for a new Mali.”

The African Union, ECOWAS, the UN and France condemened the president’s detention. ECOWAS’s 15 member states agreed to close their borders with Mali, suspend all financial flows to the country and remove Mali from all decision-making bodies. Recently, ECOWAS has been trying to mediate between the Malian government and opposition groups.

A coup d’etat also took place in 2012, when mutinying Malian soldiers, displeased with the management of the Tuareg rebellion, attacked the presidential palace, state television, and military barracks in Bamako.

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