Francophone Africa Updates


L’ONU s’occupe «très activement» du Sahel en proie aux atrocités djihadistes – Read more on

The EU and France in the Sahel: What does the end of Operation Barkhane in its current form mean for the Sahel? – Sylvie Kauffmann Andrew Lebovich Mark Leonard. Read more on

Sahel : « Le Maroc pourrait être une force de médiation » – Nina Kozlowski. Read more on

Sahel : au-delà des conflits, un développement économique et social bien réel – . Read more on the

Lessons for the EU in Sahel, from Afghanistan – . Read more on


Chad’s ‘Political Transition’ Is a Smokescreen for Military Rule – Daniel Eizenga. Read more on


Mali expels West African bloc envoy -foreign ministry – Read more on

UN delegation arrives in Mali to mount pressure on junta – Read more on

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