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CFP. Special Issue of French History on “French Colonial Histories from Below”

[Version française ci-dessous] The editors of French History seek articles for a special issue on the theme of “French Colonial Histories from Below” to appear in autumn 2019. Since French History published its first special issue devoted to France’s colonial past in 2006, empire has developed into a vibrant area of inquiry within French history. A decade on, there is a well-established and growing body of research on the ideologies and discourses of French empire, political and cultural influences between the colonies and metropolitan France, linkages between French and other empires, and the postcolonial legacies of French imperialism for colonizer and colonized alike. Seeking to further broaden this already diverse field, we invite contributions exploring the histories of French imperialism and colonialism “from below.” Concern with the “subaltern” has long been central to colonial historians, while scholars working in the newer fields of world or global history have shown the power of writing history “from the bottom up” to shed new light on large-scale historical phenomena, including empire. In addition to making the complexities of empire legible, especially to students and non-specialists, such approaches also have the potential to illuminate the connected or entangled nature of colonial histories, and the […]

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New website for the National Archives of Côte d’Ivoire

The National Archives of Côte d’Ivoire contain numerous documents which haven’t been used by historians so far. Jean-Pierre Bat and Vincent Hiribarren have created this small website to show the potential of these archives for researchers. In this webste, you will find the history of the national archives, the inventory of a large section of the colonial archives (Serie EE : Affaires Politiques) and a sample of colonial archives (treaties, a map, an oath of allegiance, intelligence files) that you might want to use for your teaching and/or research.

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