Burkina Faso has replaced Mali at the epicenter of the Sahel’s security crisis

On Nov. 3, gunmen assassinated one of the last local government still active in northern Burkina Faso. A few days later, militants ambushed a convoy of Burkinabe gold mine workers, killing at least 38 people. On Monday, a helicopter accident killed 13 French soldiers in northern Mali. At least 90 Malian soldiers were killed in separate attacks in November, making it one of the deadliest months in the country’s history.

But while Mali is home to a $1.2 billion UN peacekeeping mission and at least 1,000 French troops, Burkina Faso has no such international response, and the near-daily attacks there however, have shifted the epicenter of the Sahel’s security crisis. The situation in Burkina is in many ways worse than when France first intervened to dislodge jihadists groups in northern Mali in 2012.

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