Arts and literature from the continent: the latest and some classics

Recordings from online literature festival Bila Hudood: Arabic Literature Everywhere are freely available, including a panel on African narratives in Arabic publishing. Access here


P21 Gallery’s online exhibition Soundtrack to Puzzled Identities is available until 31 July. Access here


The latest issue of The Common focuses on stories and art from Morocco. Access here


With Ousmane Sembène’s Mandabi back in cinemas in the UK in its 2019 remastered version, the BFI has a handy reminder of where to find some of the greatest films of the past decades from across the African continent. Read more here

Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation: Once and Future Moroccos

ArabLit’s ongoing series on Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation continues with a conversation between ArabLit’s editor and Prof. Alexander Elinson, Associate Professor of Arabic at Hunter College. Elinson is translator of Youssef Fadel’s A Beautiful White Cat Walks with Me, and has also translated Moroccan authors Allal Bourqia and Yassin Adnan, and numerous zajal poets. Elinson talked about how he might structure a course on teaching Moroccan literature. The conversation began in person and continued over email.

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