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‘Narrating Migrations’ workshop: Martin Evans

On 15 March 2017 a workshop took place in the School of Languages and Area Studies of the University of Portsmouth entitled ‘Narrating migrations’. Organized by Emmanuel Godin and Ed Naylor, and supported by the Leverhulme Trust and the University of Portsmouth, the event aimed to explore how migration and migrant experiences are represented in Europe today beyond the news media and academia. Three invited speakers presented their work on this theme in the domains of museum curation, literature and documentary film-making respectively. Their talks were recorded and will be featured as podcasts on the blog over the coming weeks along with further details about their projects. Professor Martin Evans (University of Sussex, @HAHP_Sussex) kicked off the proceedings. Martin Evans is currently curating an exhibition “Paris-London – Two Global Cities” which will open in October 2018 at the Musée d’histoire de l’immigration in Paris. The exhibition will consider how Paris and London have been transformed by global migration since the end of empire. With a particular emphasis on music, but also literature, poetry, theatre, painting photography and film, the Exhibition seeks to open up new comparative perspectives between the two cities as global and (post)imperial capitals. In his talk he […]

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“Like an Arab in France”: Christelle Taraud’s review of Todd Shepard’s 2017 book

Courtesy of (April 2017),  Christelle Taraud discusses the translation by Clément Baude Payot of Todd Shepards book “Sex, France, and Arab Men, 1962-1979” (University Of Chicago Press, 2017). The book identifies two stereotypes of ‘the Arab’ that have formed within French society. The first was a derogatory trope invoking violence and violation taking shape after the end of the Algerian War in 1962, and another discourse of the virile revolutionary developed after the civil unrest of May 1968. Shepard combines colonial and sexual histories to show how the two discourses continued to clash throughout the 1970s, and to argue that the Algerian revolution for independence coincided, and collided, with the sexual revolution, making a lasting imprint on present day France; “L’historien américain Todd Shepard montre comment la représentation de l’« Arabe » cristallise depuis cinquante ans les fantasmes et les peurs de la société française. Alors même que peu d’ouvrages traitent vraiment en France de la question postcoloniale, moins nombreux encore sont ceux qui centrent, de surcroît, leur propos sur les politiques, les pratiques et les imaginaires sexuels et raciaux notamment quand ceux-ci concernent les hommes arabes. Ceci est particulièrement vrai quand on connaît le poids – en termes de conférences, de colloques et de publications notamment – de […]

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