Workshop Report and Podcast (4/4) Beyond the post(-)colonial?/ Au-delà du post(-)colonial?

Workshop Report and Podcast (4/4)

Beyond the post(-)colonial?/ Au-delà du post(-)colonial?

12 September 2017

School of Languages and Area Studies, University of Portsmouth.

Convenors: Professor Margaret Majumdar and Dr Ed Naylor.

The third and final audio recording of the workshop proceedings is now available. The podcast lasts around 90 minutes and covers the second panel, entitled ‘The postcolonial beyond academia’, as well as the closing round-table discussion.

Chair: Natalya Vince/ Speakers: Jodi Burkett (Portsmouth), Itay Lotem (Westminster), Olivia Rutazibwa (Portsmouth), Mohammed Saad (UWE)

Please note, Natalya Vince’s introductory remarks were unfortunately missed by the recording -the podcast therefore begins with Jodi Burkett’s presentation.

The full programme and a presentation of the workshop can be found here.

#BeyondTalkingBack (3) Maboula Soumahoro: The Hexagon and Triangle

This week’s third monologue resulting from the December 2016 Race after the Postracial conference features Maboula Soumahoro, associate professor in the English department at the Université François-Rabelais, Tours, France.

In conversation with Olivia Rutazibwa, Ms Soumahoro recounts her upbringing and her personal journey as a French woman of Ivorian decent, her experiences in school going and her academic career. In the US she studied and taught about black nationalism, arriving at key questions of academic legitimacy and objectivity. Turning her insights back on French society, she reflects on how her own sense of national identity has developed, and how anti-racist discourses and myths existing in public memory have obscured the real everyday racist bias and discrimination that persists.

Click on the link for Maboula Soumahoro’s full monologue. For more on these and other topics, check out @o_rutazibwa ‏and  on