#BeyondTalkingBack (3) Maboula Soumahoro: The Hexagon and Triangle

This week’s third monologue resulting from the December 2016 Race after the Postracial conference features Maboula Soumahoro, associate professor in the English department at the Université François-Rabelais, Tours, France.

In conversation with Olivia Rutazibwa, Ms Soumahoro recounts her upbringing and her personal journey as a French woman of Ivorian decent, her experiences in school going and her academic career. In the US she studied and taught about black nationalism, arriving at key questions of academic legitimacy and objectivity. Turning her insights back on French society, she reflects on how her own sense of national identity has developed, and how anti-racist discourses and myths existing in public memory have obscured the real everyday racist bias and discrimination that persists.

Click on the link for Maboula Soumahoro’s full monologue. For more on these and other topics, check out @o_rutazibwa ‏and  on Twitter.com.


SEMINAR. SOAS African history seminar. Programme 2016-2017, Term 1

Programme of SOAS African history seminar 2016-2017, Term 1 
We will start off with an exciting film series and panel discussions on “Slavery and the African Diaspora from a Global Perspective”, during the Black History month.
In November we will then return to our usual business with one talk every 3-4 weeks until May 2017.
If not indicated otherwise, the seminar takes place on Wed from 5 to 6.30pm in room FG01 (SOAS Faber Building).
Programme Term 1:

Thur 27 Oct: Slavery on Film: Past and Present Atlantic Links |5.30pm-8pm |Senate House, G22/26 (South wing)

– Welcome address: Prof Philip Murphy (ICwS), Dr Marie Rodet (SOAS), Dr Shihan de Silva (ICwS)

– Keynote lecture: Prof Ben Lawrance (Rochester Institute for Technology) ‘What viral videos convey about the anti-trafficking imaginary’

– Film: They Are We. Dr Emma Christopher (Sydney U). 2014. (77min)

Fri 28 Oct: Filming Memories of Slavery (Brazil, India and Pakistan) | 5.30pm-8pm | Senate House, G22/26 (South wing)

– Film: Other Africas: Unearthing ‘Afro’ Memories in Rio de Janeiro. Dr André Cicalo. 2016 (22min)

Discussion with filmmaker Dr André Cicalo (King’s College London)
– Film: Mor Sahib – The Saint crocodile (Pakistan). Till Passow. 2012 (20min)
– Film: Voices of the Sidis. Ancestral Links (India). Beheroze Shroff (UC Irvine). 2006 (26min)
Panel discussion: Dr David Taylor (ICwS), Alice Albinia, Author of ‘Empires of the Indus’
Mon 31 Oct: African Resistance and Rebellion against Enslavement | 6pm-8pm | KLT, SOAS (main building)
– Film: Ghosts of Amistad – In the Footsteps of the Rebels. Tony Buba. 2014 (56min)
Introduction and discussion by Prof Marcus Rediker (University of Pittburgh)
Wed 23 Nov: ‘Arms Trade in East Africa: A History of Globalisation, Regulation, and Colonial Rule (1850s to 1914)’, Dr Felix Brahm (German Historical Institute), 5-6.30pm, SOAS FG01 (Faber Building)

Wed 7 Dec: ‘The British press, British public opinion and the end of empire in Africa, 1957-60’, Dr Rosie Coffey (LSE/SOAS), 5-6.30pm, SOAS FG01 (Faber Building)