Francophone Africa update: 13 December 2021

First terrorist attack in Benin. Le Monde L’Evènement Précis

Trial for “Apollo 21” coup plot against President Rajoelina opens in Madagascar. AfricaNews TV5 RFI

Burkina Faso’s Prime Minister resigns as President Kaboré prepares to reshuffles government in response to protests and security crisis. Al Jazeera RFI

Mali : France 24 s’entretient avec la Ministre Française des Armées (lien) et avec le chef d’état-major de la MINUSMA (lien).

Burundi: un incendie à la prison centrale de Gitega fait des dizaines de morts. RFI

Au Bénin, l’opposant Joël Aïvo condamné à dix ans de prison. Le Monde DW

Long read: Al Jazeera investigates the death of three foreigners in Eastern Burkina Faso in April 2021. Al Jazeera

African fashion brings beauty and glamour to Niger. AfricaNews

MarocAlgérie: quand le foot transcende les tensions politiques. France24

« Le rejet de la France au Sahel : mille et une raisons ? » par J. P. O. de Sardan. AOC

Francophone Africa update: 15 November 2021

Tensions between Morocco and Algeria over Western Sahara. The Africa Report RFI

Togo’s Covid-21 digital stimulus programme offers an innovative solution. Bloomberg The Conversation

Burkina Faso: at least 20 killed in an attack in Soum province. RFI

Thousands rally in DRC capital against electoral commission pick AlJazeera

Poverty, hunger, and deforestation: the dire consequences of climate change in Madagascar. Africa News The Guardian Sky News

Le Monde analyses jihadist groups’ videos to understand their methods in the Sahel. “Sahel : ce que les vidéos de djihadistes révèlent de leurs armes et de leurs méthodes”. Le Monde

Diplomatic tensions continue between Mali and France. Political analysis by Boubacar Haidara on Afrique XXI.

Documentary: “Restituer? L’Afrique en quête de ses chefs-d’œuvre” by Nora Philippe. This film addresses how African art pieces ended up in European museums and contributes to current debates about their restitutions to their countries of origin. To stream for free on by 26/04/2022.