Weekly Update

In Niger, under cover of Covid-19 restrictions, journalists are imprisoned for doing their job. And France is accused of turning a blind eye.
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Guinée: faut-il supprimer les forces de défense et de sécurité?

Aliou Barry discusses the current security situation in Guinea, arguing that due to their behaviour, security and defence forces need to be replaced with an entire new structure.

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The COVID-19 Pandemic and Democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa

Elena Gadjanova argues that COVID-19 will accelerate processes of divergence and heterogeneity, impacting aspects such as democratization, civil society and media environments, electoral management institutions but also intra-African integration and cooperation.

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Update on West Africa

France’s recent ‘decapitation strike’ on Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb will be good for deflecting growing domestic criticism of France’s ‘war’ in the western Sahel. But it is unlikely to improve long-term security for populations in the region.
The CFA franc is to be replaced by the Eco in West Africa, the French government has announced
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