US-China Cooperation in Africa? Perhaps not in French Africa

This guest post by CARI Fellow Dr. Afa’anwi Ma’abo CHE, from Kampala International University, is the first of our series “Notes from the Field.” Over the coming weeks and months, we will publish a selection of posts from our current group of research fellows, with a focus on reflections, research notes and preliminary findings. For his CARI-funded research project, Dr. CHE traveled to Cameroon, which prompted the below thoughts.

Following China’s resolve to ‘go global’ at the end of the 20th century, Africa has witnessed a surge in Chinese trade, finance, and investments. China has risen and surpassed the US to become Africa’s leading economic partner. Cooperation, relative to competition, between the superpowers has a greater potential to induce optimal positive-sum gains for the superpowers and for Africa. But the scholarly and policy worlds are shrouded in pessimism about chances of the US cooperating with China in Africa. Three major reasons are often averred for the pessimism:

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La situation économique du Sénégal [Business Africa]

Les statistiques récentes publiées par le bureau sénégalais de la planification économique, des politiques et des finances ont révélé que les recettes nationales sont excédentaires avec plus de 560 milliards de FCFA.

Ce chiffre ne reflète pas les défauts actuels de l‘économie sénégalaise dont le déficit actuel du PIB devrait atteindre les 7% contre 5,7% l’année dernière.

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